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— Thursday, August 1, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:57:13 AM ET

New Generals Info

Word has it that Harvard Bonin paid a visit to the staff of GameStar.de, a German website. They have posted what he said on their website, but it is in German. A site called Evil Avatar was able to translate the major points of the article. Here they are:
  • The game will be different from Red Alert 2, more story-driven (comparable to WC3).
  • Loads of cutscenes - done with the in-game engine.
  • Best looking RTS graphics engine to date, lots of particle effects, detailed vehicles and buildings.
  • Minimum Requirements: 800Mhz machine + Geforce 2 card
  • Perfect combination of units being the key to success, not mass.
  • There'll be characters with special weapons/skills, such as generals with devastating bombs. They're not to be seen as units on the screen though, just as icons.
  • The multiplayer mode will feature a ladder system.
  • The requirements certainly differ from what Delphi had told the community. The requirements Delphi had posted a few weeks back were:
    Pentium 2 400Mhz
    700 mb of hard drive space
    16 mb graphics card
    128 mb of RAM
    A mouse and a keyboard (obviously)
    8 speed CD-Rom drive
    He had also said that the processor speed might need to be upped to 600Mhz and the graphics card could be a GeForce 32MB minimum. 800 Mhz is probably too high for most people if their computers are more than a year or two old.
    Thanks to CNC Series for this news.