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— Sunday, July 28, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:02:52 AM ET

Generals Ladder

Word has it that there will be no official Generals tournament ladder. EAP has decided to let the fans run their own ladders. Here is what Delphi had to say on the subject, courtesy of CNC Tomorrow:
The Ranking system in Generals will be ran by the players not EA. So it will be up to the fansite/fans who host ladders to monitor them.

LOL! Doesn't mean we won't patch the game, and that does not mean we won't link to the top 5 ladders around the community.
Are you saying you guys can't trust yourselves to run an honest ladder?

Yes look at our ladder, under staffed and very well ran. I've seen some killer fan ladders for UT and Quake, I think Generals could have the same.

Sorry... But it's something new we wanted to try that has worked well for other games. Like I said, we will promote the top 5 most played ladders on our site. Since this is after all about fame and recognition you will still recieve it.
I'm not sure whether this is a bad thing or a good thing yet. I guess that time will tell.