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— Sunday, December 4, 2011 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 7:59:01 PM ET

The Red Alert 1.1 Changelog Released--Patch Coming

After a bit of a break, some more testing, and lots and lots and lots of listening to fan feedback, we've got our first patch almost all set. We are hoping to release this before the end of the year, hopefully before Christmas. It's been given to our great group of testers and we're hoping to make sure there are no bugs. Here's the changelog:

- Fixed bug that prevented the RA1 music after loading a level
- Added a simple dynamic music script. (works only in skirmish games with AI)

All factions:
- Increased Wall health from 200 to 300
- Set infantry shroud clearing range to 300
- Set tank shroud clearing range to 400
- Set ship shroud clearing range to 400
- Set siege ( artillery, v2, missile sub, cruiser ) range to 600
- Command Centers can now repack to an MCV - Added "Return to Refinery" button to Ore Miners (notice that they won't resume harvesting until the player give them the correct instruction)
- Crushing infantry gives the tank a 33% Rate of fire debuff and a 10% armor debuff for 3 seconds on top of the 33% speed debuff
- Rocket Soldier weapon against ground targets no longer track targets
- Changed Rocket Soldier rocket model
- Added reload sound to all airplanes and helicopters Allies:
- Medium tanks are less effective against infantry because of a small scatter radius
- Increased Chrono tank health from 350 to 375
- Decreased Chrono tank damage from 75 to 65
- Increased Artillery range from 240 to 300
- Artillery does less damage when it shoots farther ( damage decreases from 150 close to 90 far )
- Increaded Turret damage from 40 to 50 Soviet:
- Heavy tanks are less effective against infantry because of a small scatter radius
- Increased Mig munition from 3 to 4
- Decreased Mig damage from 60 to 55
- Grenadiers no longer clear garrisoned buildings
- Increased Grenade damamage from 50 to 55
- Decreased Spy plane Reveal range from 350 to 300
- Increased Tesla coil health from 400 to 450

- Increased max zoom from 550 to 680
- Fixed build problems for easy and medium AI
- Ore fields have more ore, but grow slower
- Added some small economy tweaks to the AI

The Red Alert has been an enormously successful project, and we're grateful for all your support. In the just over two months since the mod's release, it's been downloaded more than 30,000 times across our network of mirrors. We also appreciate your vote in the Mod of the Year contest--you can vote on our moddb profile page.