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— Tuesday, July 26, 2011 —

Posted By: Gren at 8:53:37 AM ET

New Red Alert 3 Map - Hexalock Lake

Hexalock Lake

By Marc Shallbrook

Welcome Comrades.. it's been far too long.. and we extend a warm welcome to Marc with his first Red Alert 3 map submission for your enjoyment.
This map is of very high quality indeed. Paying great attention to the small detail, Marc has also made sure that there are plenty of opportunities for exciting gameplay, using the many combinations of players within his 6-player map design. Hexalock Lake is available now in our downloads section, but the normal previews are available by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Author's Description: This map is designed for 6 players in a 2v2v2 set up. The set up should include a North-West team, a North-East team and a Southern team. The map was not created as a symmetrical map, and as such there are variations to the start choices affecting defensibility, access to team-mates and expansion routes. The water players are under constant pressure and will require quick thinking to survive, whilst the land players will need to balance aiding their team-mates and pressuring the other land players to prevent them accruing a critical mass of high tech units.

Each player has one logical expansion, with 3 other contested expansions occupying the outskirts of the map, surveillance and repair tech structures also occupy contested territories in the map.

Click to Download: Hexalock Lake