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— Sunday, December 5, 2010 —

In celebration of the nomination of our in-house mod, The Forgotten, into Phase II of the Mod of the Year contest--as an international award-winning mod featuring the first HD cinematics and full campaign in C&C modding, we appreciate your vote--we're releasing the second in our The Making of The Forgotten series, as well as the complete, much-praised soundtrack to the mod. This time, we're showcasing an article by Jeffrey Holley, the composer for the mod, on the process of composing The Forgotten's theme song. It's a must-read for anyone interested in music, game development, or the intersection between the two.  Here's a snippet:

We knew we wanted to have a recurring piano theme throughout the song and when deciding what it should sound like, I thought I would take "The Forgotten" name of the mod literally and convert it to something that had a sad feeling. After a while, I didn't want the song all depressing, so I decided to make it a little more "We won't be forgotten," which is of course one of The Forgotten's rallying cries. The piano was the first section I worked on.  Since I think major chords have a happy feel, minor chords would have a sad feel.  If I could get a nice melody going, I would have an idea of what I want the rest of the song to sound like and potentially what instruments to use.  The piano ended up having a mid-velocity sound, which is not too loud but not to soft and some nice reveerb to make it sound a little more eerie.

You can read the full piece here, and download the soundtrack here. Also, don't forget to support The Forgotten in the Mod of the Year contest, in the Released Mods category.

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