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— Sunday, September 19, 2010 —

Posted By: MicScoTho at 1:13:23 PM ET

The Return of Classic Tiberium in "The Forgotten"

Just two days before the release of C&C 3: The Forgotten, we're ready to reveal one of The Forgotten's coolest support powers, the Blossom Tree. The Blossom Tree Support Power provides a secondary source of income for The Forgotten. It enables The Forgotten to plant a Blossom Tree, as seen in Tiberian Dawn, on the battlefield. The Blossom Tree grows classic Tiberium, which is worth less than modern Tiberium, but which regrows faster. The model and texture are by Tsumetai.


Just two more days! We hope to have an interview for you tomorrow, then the launch trailer and mod will be available on Tuesday. It's time to let the world know The Forgotten are back!