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— Friday, August 6, 2010 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:51:29 AM ET

C&C World Interview with C&C 2142

Webmaster extraordinaire chickendippers over at C&C World has posted an interview with derek from the C&C 2142 modification, a mod that combines elements from Battlefield 2142 and C&C 3. It's an interesting concept and an interesting read. Here's a piece: 

Chickendippers: Can we expect to see any familiar C&C units up-close and personal?
derek328: BF2142 and C&C3 are very similar in many ways, so players can definitely feel resemblances between units, like EU’s Tiger and GDI’s Predator tanks. Vehicles aside, infantry units will play a much bigger role in CNC2142 – they will have a clear selection of upgrades available from BF2142, ranging from motion mines to RDX explosives. With a well coordinated plan, expect to see these soldiers of the future wreck havoc!

You can read the full thing here. It's certainly a slow time in the C&C community, but high-quality mods are keeping us all afloat until the next C&C game is announced.