C&C Labs News Wire

— Tuesday, May 25, 2010 —

We have two new structures to show off today over at our in-house mod, C&C 3: The Forgotten. You can see the Tiberium Silo and Tunnel Network, as well as an interview with the German speaking community. Those of you who do speak German will want to head to CNCSaga.de for our first ever foreign language piece. In the interview, I provide some background on both this mod and our other mod, The Red Alert, as well as modding for C&C in general.

For those who prefer English, we have the Tunnel Networks to explain. For The Forgotten, they work slightly differently than in past C&C games; each tunnel network node is activated by a support power, and must be placed within a certain distance of another node or of the Construction Yard. The tunnels allow The Forgotten to move up to three units at any one time across the map at high speed. They were created by Andy Littleton and Tsumetai. We also have the Tiberium Silo, which stores the Tiberium collected by The Forgotten on the battlefield.

For those who prefer the universal language of pictures, here you go, fresh shots of a Forgotten base, the tunnel network, the Silo, and an up-close screen of the Sidewinder (as always, you can see more on our media page: