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— Wednesday, December 23, 2009 —

Just in time for Christmas (and Mod of the Year voting) comes what we consider one of the biggest C&C modding announcements ever, and one we've kept under wraps for months now: in true C&C fashion, we will be telling The Forgotten's story through immersive 1080p full motion video, the first mod to include such a feature. It's something we knew we wanted to try to do, because there's simply something innately C&C about hearing and seeing the characters central to your mission. As a Forgotten commander, you will interact directly with former Nod spy and current Forgotten political leader Salvadore Trogan (played by Rick Desilets) as you lead a rebellion no one else thought possible.

The full motion videos are written by Blbpaws, directed by Alex Laferriere, and produced by Nick Allain and Steven DiTullio. You can see all our other work on our Media page on the mod's site. Think you'd be an asset to the team? Let us know! We're always looking for talented people, mappers, voice artists, and 2D artists in particular.

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