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— Wednesday, October 21, 2009 —

Posted By: Gren at 5:31:16 PM ET

New Red Alert 3 Map - Dual Dual

Dual Duel

By Acid_Cr@sh

Acid_Cr@sh has sent in his latest Red Alert 3 map, a map that really does need teamwork if you want to win. Highly detailed, with plenty of areas to choose in order to plan those team attacks. The map is over in our downloads section, and is simply a must-have map for adding to your library. Use the thumbnail images below for a closer preview.

Author's Description: This one is my 4th map and it was originally designed for Mission-like scripted gameplay but due to hard modding issues, I'm releasing this one with scripts-free Skirmish Gameplay. This map was also a participant of CnCMaps.com Command & Conquer Map Competition.

About Gameplay: This one is about pure team play. Two land masses represent each team and are separated by river. Small island town located in the centre of the map, it has a Veteran Academy and expansions and the two land masses are connected by bridges. There are also remote ocean islands with Expansions and Oil Derricks to diverse and protract the gameplay. There are even more terrain features I implemented, which you may find during match play. Both team mates start close to each other: one on the cliff with no direct base entrance and 2 Ore Nodes and the other one - down the valley with head entrance including a beach. So basically this player will have his hands full defending, but he has 3 Ore Nodes available instantly with no expansion needed. Be aware though, that this player has no nearby expansions. (after all, having 3 Refineries is a decent handicap)

IMPORTANT: Due to the specifications of this map it is strongly advised that it should not be played as 4 players FFA. (no teams)


Download: Dual Duel

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