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— Tuesday, October 20, 2009 —

Posted By: Gren at 12:50:42 PM ET

New Red Alert 3 Map - Siege of Sarajevo

Siege of Sarajevo

By mirza044

Another adapted 4 player Red Alert 3 map made by mirza044, who has taken on the task of creating the map from Yuri's Revenge, using further detail and info from the Kane's Wrath battlemap. The map is very highly detailed and looks like a lot of time has been used in it's creation. An excellent map!
The map is now available in our downloads section, but as usual, you can have a quick preview of the map, by using the thumbnail images below and compare with the YR original.

Author's Description: This is a 4-player map set in an urban setting. This map is a remake of Yuri's Revenge map Siege of Sarajevo (it's also remake of Kane's Wrath map Sarajevo Battlegrounds). A river runs through the city and separating the map on two parts (North, South). There are plenty of ore nodes, oil derricks and other tech buildings. Enjoy the map!


Download: Siege of Sarajevo

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