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— Sunday, September 6, 2009 —

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New Red Alert 3 Map - Island Limits

Island Limits

By Commander_Shikari

We would like to welcome Commander_Shikari to CNC Generals World and CNC Labs. Island Limits is his very first attempt at creating a map for Red Alert 3 and using the Worldbuilder tool set. Although the map has turned out to be not as polished as some maps, there has been a lot of effort and time put into his project and I feel he has done an excellent job with his first map. Working with our Worldbuilder Tutorial, he has made an excellent Floating Island as a central feature and his use of the RA3 Cliff Objects is also to a high standard. The map is now available in our downloads section and I'm sure Commander_Shikari would love to see any comments you may have about his work. Click the thumbnails below for a preview.

Well done Shikari! We hope to see more of your work soon.

Map Description: My very first map. Average detailed, balanced. Two separated islands to the right and the left. Each of the islands has two Ore Nodes and several civilian buildings. In the middle is a floating fortress with two Ore Nodes and four shockwave-artillery-turrets to capture. Both players begin the game with an allied barracks on the fortress, to fight and capture the buildings. Between the fortress in the middle and the two main islands to the left and right, there are two very small islands rising in the remaining space, so there is one mini-island on each players side. On both small islands there is an Oil Derrick and an Observation Post available for capture.


Download your copy of Island Limits

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