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— Friday, August 14, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 8:59:49 AM ET

New Zero Hour Map: Stalemate

By: ZergSwarms

Zerg Swarms brings us his second Skrimish map made for Zero Hour. With limited access to enemy bases placed high on the plateau, I found myself swimming in toxic waste in the town below. It's a good challenge.

A map designed strictly for 2v2 action. Stalemate is designed to be a test of which team can work together the best. Bases are designed to be easily defended, so teamwork will likely be helpful in breaking your enemy's defenses. The war-ravaged town in the middle will be the site of a lot of action, and can be drenched in deadly toxins from certain buildings up to four times. The bridge might be useful to bypass this threat as well as the height disadvantage - but is it really safer?

Download Stalemate now!