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— Friday, June 19, 2009 —

In an official EA survey sent to some C&C fans this evening, a question strongly suggested that the next C&C game--C&C 4--would be a "RPG-like player progression, persistent in both single player and Multiplayer modes, co-op play, and new stylized, live-action cinematics."

The full text of the particular survey question indicated that the game would be the "epic conclusion to the 15-year series." A later question asked fans if they found the possibility of a conclusion to C&C appealing.

The two survey questions were jumbled in with many more mundane questions about owning and liking C&C games, but neither indicated that the given description for C&C 4 was hypothetical in any way.

A later question asked fans about what features they'd like to see in future C&C games, perhaps undercutting the notion that C&C 4 will be the last title, though many of the options seemed like they could be folded into the described game. The possible options were:

     Play in the first RTS game with MMORPG like player progression in which you are rewarded every time you play. Every unit you kill in single player, multiplayer, or skirmish gives you experience points that allows you to level up your abilities and unlock new units, powers, and upgrades to your arsenal.

     Introducing the first mobile base in RTS games: The Crawler. Focus on the action as the Crawler becomes your all-in-one base, which can be deployed and redeployed anywhere on the battlefield for even more strategic options

     Play with all new, bigger and badder, units from GDI and Nod, including the Crawler, the first ever mobile base in RTS games

     Dive into an all-new story written by a new scriptwriting team and told through trademark C&C cinematics taken to the next level with grittier, stylized FMVs in the vein of Minority Report.

     Play in the first ever class-based C&C game – a new challenge for C&C and RTS players to master

     Play the campaign on your own or tackle it with a friend, as co-operative campaigns return

     Play in epic 5 vs 5 online multiplayer with all new objective-based game modes

This report is unconfirmed. An email has been sent to EA seeking confirmation. C&C Labs/C&C Generals World is--so far--the only site to report this news, but believes it is not a hoax.

Mike contributed to this post.

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