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— Saturday, June 13, 2009 —

Posted By: Gren at 6:08:21 AM ET

New Red Alert 3 Map - Isle of War

Isle of War

By Speeder

Well, Speeder is really living up to his name. He has sent in his very latest Red Alert 3 map. There doesn't seem to be any holding this talented map-maker, producing such high quality in such a short time. Isle of War is simply a must-have map, already available in our downloads section. Click on the thumbnails below to get detailed views of Speeder's work.

Authors Description: This is yet another remake of Red Alert 2 map for Red Alert 3/Uprising. This time it's Isle Of War - small island map where two players battle face to face in isolation. Important note at the beginning - this map is NOT a recreation of original Isle Of War, only the shape of the map remains unchanged. The map is set in a totally different theatre as the battle takes place on one of the Japanese islands, so you will get more indepth knowledge about Japanese culture. Architecture at least. However, there are really lots of resources on the map. Two Ore nodes are located in water, while 4 expansion nodes are located on cliffs. Each player begins with two ore nodes, as usual. There are two oil derricks in the ocean and two observation posts placed in strategic places. Capture them to get serious advantage over your opponent - of course until he captures one of his own. Enjoy the map and stay tuned for more, not just remakes.


Download: Isle of War