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— Sunday, May 10, 2009 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:25:52 PM ET

New Infantry Trailer for C&C 3: The Forgotten

At long last, we have another trailer to show you guys from our mod C&C 3: The Forgotten, under development at C&C Labs. It's mostly combat footage, and it shows off all of the infantry in the mod in various in-game elements. We've also updated the Units page with information on all the infantry so you can learn more about what you see in the video. The infantry artwork was done by Tsumetai, Kane Nash, chronosheep, and stygs, and the coding by the indefatigable CommieDog. You can view a low-quality YouTube version below, or download a high-quality version here (56MB). You can see all our other work on our Media page.

Think you'd be an asset to the team? Let us know! We're always looking for talented people, and texture and 2D artists in particular.