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— Thursday, February 26, 2009 —

Posted By: Phe0n1x at 4:04:23 PM ET

C&C Generals 6th Anniversary Surprise

APOC recently announced the release of Black Sheep, "The Lost Mission" over at the official Command & Conquer site.

Attention generals! You have been requested to report for duty one more time. In celebration of the sixth anniversary of the award-winning real-time strategy classic Command & Conquer Generals, we are releasing an exclusive gift to Command & Conquer fans -- the lost mission of Command & Conquer Generals. The never-before-seen and controversial Global Liberation Army mission was not included in the game’s original 2003 release and has been hidden and securely stored away in a secret location at our EA Los Angeles development studio until today. Command & Conquer, download the mission Black Sheep for free and unleash their inner General. Black Sheep was originally slated to be the third mission in the Global Liberation Army campaign where players were given command of the Toxin Tractor, a slow-going farm vehicle modified to spray a deadly corrosive agent, and ordered to eliminate the town that had been corrupted beyond salvation by the USA's propaganda. While the mission was ultimately removed from Generals, the Toxin Tractor was available in other campaign missions, as well as in multiplayer and skirmish modes.

Installation instructions as well as download can be found here.

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