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— Sunday, February 15, 2009 —

Posted By: Mike at 6:16:15 AM ET

Updated Map Generator

Kos4u2c's RA3 Map Generator has been updated.  New in this version:

  • Added TerrainSeed and ObjectSeed to control randomization of terrain and object placement. You can share a map by sharing the seeds and configuration text file.
  • Added 6 player tournament map generation.
  • Added CliffTest map type to test cliffs.
  • Added tech structures.
  • Changed purple color for tech structures and gold for ore nodes in preview.
  • Changed default Land map type to include water areas. Just change water height back to 195, or increase LandHeightMapVals if no water is desired.
  • Some bug fixes for opening maps.
  • Map preview PNG and TGA are saved in EXE folder when opening maps.

You can download the RA3 Map Generator from C&C Labs.