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— Saturday, January 3, 2009 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:16:05 PM ET

CNCNZ Roundtable: C&C in 2008

CNCNZ has posted their roundtable discussion for the month of December, now in its 15th edition. In the roundtable, the fansite representatives retrospect on C&C in 2008 and attempt to prognosticate the C&C of 2009. Our very own Blbpaws participated:

Compared to 12 months ago, do you think the C&C Community has evolved this year?
Blbpaws: RA3 has restored a bit of my faith in the C&C team's ability to produce games, though it didn't feel entirely like a C&C to me. I think it was overdone at points, but on the whole it was a step up from Kane's Wrath and C&C 3. At the same time, if the goal is to create a gritty, immersive C&C with addictive gameplay, EALA still hasn't done it. Mod support has also taken a step backwards. Barring a serious turnaround on that front, modding won't be a question at next year's year-in-review roundtable.

You can read the complete discussion here.

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