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— Saturday, December 27, 2008 —

Posted By: Mike at 6:36:45 AM ET

Red Alert 3 Walkthrough at Carl's Guides

Carl of Carl's Guides has released his in-depth walkthrough for Commad & Conquer: Red Alert 3. The walkthrough covers all missions -- Soviet, Allied, and Imperial -- complete with screenshots. Generals World has worked with Carl previously -- he kindly provided us with our Generals Walkthrough -- so we know this guide is good stuff.

Here's a quote:

When you first start, build two dojo cores, then two generator cores. Once the generators are online make two refinery cores. During this make two engineers to capture the oil derricks to the east and south. Make ten tankbuster units from each of your dojos to destroy the houses and pick up more cash crates. It seems like a lot, but they'll come in handy later.

When the houses are clear, place a mecha bay core. Make four mecha tengus to defend your base from infantry. While all this is happening, send three of your tankbusters north to the house next to the seaport. Snipe the three power plants from there and bring their power offline. Once your tankbusters are done, send them all north and walk into the base. Kill the peacekeepers but don't destroy the turrets. Destroy the two power plants and prospector (which will try to crush you). Once the power plants are down you'll be free to romp the joint and destroy everything except the construction yard. Work on twelve engineers back at your base during this.

If you haven't beaten the singleplayer campaigns yet, we recommend you check out the entire Red Alert 3 Walkthrough at Carl's Guides.

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