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— Wednesday, December 17, 2008 —

Posted By: Mike at 6:00:18 PM ET

RA3 Patch v1.06 and KW Patch v1.02

Two patches in one day -- for two different games -- must be some kind of record for Command & Conquer.

First up is patch v1.06 for Red Alert 3, which was previously released in public beta form and contains two changes:

· Revamped the Automatch system to improve reliability and the speed at which players are matched.
· Fixed an exploit with the Soviet Crane where structures could be built for free under low power.

You can download this patch by using the link below, or by using the in-game auto-updater.

Download: Red Alert 3 Patch v1.06 English (143 MB)


Next is the long-awaited patch v1.02 for Kane's Wrath, which includes many bug fixes and a number of balancing changes.  You can similarly download the Kane's Wrath patch by using the in-game auto-updater or the link below.

Download: Kane's Wrath Patch v1.02 English (256 MB)

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