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— Friday, October 24, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:14:07 PM ET

C&C Labs Trivia Contest Results

We've posted the results of our trivia contest over at C&C Labs:

1st Place
(tie): Wadprime and Apoptygma
Both submitted the question. "From which movie did Westwood get the original concept of Tiberium?" 
Highlight the text to the right of the colon or head to their source to find out more: The Monolith Monsters

3rd Place: Team Black
He submitted: "In vanilla Tiberian Sun (without firestorm installed), there was a code word that made visceroids appear as red blobs in skirmish. What was this code word?"

Highlight the text to the right or go to his source to find out more: PENGO

Honorable Mention: darthcodeman
He submitted, "In a certain Allied mission of Red Alert 2, there was a certain object, according to the Red Alert canon, that should not have been there.  What was this object?"
Answer: The Arizona Memorial.  Because of Hitler's removal, WWII never happened, and therefore, Pearl Harbor would have never been bombed.

We'll see if we can find a creative use for some of the other questions. We got a lot of good ones.

Thanks to CommieDog and Mike for judging with me!

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