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— Saturday, June 28, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:11:33 PM ET

New RA3 Unit Profiles, BattleCast Primetime

  • First off, there's a new edition of BattleCast Primetime that you can stream from the C&C site. It features a match from the community summit, an interview with Red Alert 3 Executive Producer Chris Corry, and the long awaited Dave-Raj rematch.
  • A new unit profile, this time for the Kirov, is also up at the Red Alert 3 website.
  • And so, too, is there a second new unit profile, this time for the Allies Prospector is up. One of the neat things about the Prospector is that, in addition to being a resource-collector, it can deploy, similar to Surveyers in C&C 3, to give additional build radius--could work for some interesting early-game rushes.
  • There's also a new Red Alert 3 Q&A with some questions about walls, Kirovs, directional armor, and infantry suppression.
  • C&C note: Banshee, coordinator of the Open Map Competition for C&C 3, has been interviewed on C&C.com.