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— Sunday, June 22, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:43:15 PM ET

New Poll and Poll Results

After a long wait, I've updated the poll today. Here are the results of the last one:

How would you rate Kane's Wrath so far?
Very Good
Below Average
Very Poor
Total Votes: 402

Thanks to all 402 of you who voted. This poll is very interesting, and I wish we had more data on it. Kane's Wrath, in my opinion, had a good campaign but terrible online support. I wonder, therefore, if those of you who rated it highly played the campaign and those of you who gave it very poor ratings had tried to play the game online. If you estimate numerical values for each vote, though, and do an average of the data, the game gets around an 82 or 83, a C+ or B-. Not bad, but not good.

The new poll is about what you'd like to see follow the Kane's Wrath patch. Would you like a Mod SDK that lets the modders of the community quickly address the flaws in the game and add their own creations? Or would you prefer a new Worldbuilder, which lets other fans create their own maps?

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