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— Sunday, January 6, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:37:25 PM ET

Battlecast Primetime and Other News

  • The biggest news item recently has been the release of Battlecast Primetime Episode Five. It features an in-depth look at the GDI subfactions in Kane's Wrath, as well as at GDI's "epic" unit: the Marv, a huge triple-barreled Tiberium-eating behemoth. Get it at C&C TV.
  • The Shockwave mod team is looking for balance testers. The mod is for Zero Hour. Details here.
  • Project Perfect Mod has a new layout. Banshee has also updated their SHP Builder.
  • Cold War Crisis (ZH mod) has posted up a new features list for their release.
  • There's a Kane's Wrath FMV trailer (30 seconds long) available from Yahoo here.
  • PCNC has an interview with a few people from the Renegade 2007 mod for Unreal Tournament.