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— Friday, December 21, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:09:01 PM ET

Community Roundup

A few quick things:
  • JohnWE from C&C Files has written a great summary of the Kane's Wrath Community summit that took place a few weeks ago. Not only does it break down the event itself, but it details each subfaction in a way that no other article I've seen does.
  • Planet CNC has some good photos of the event.
  • C&C Sage has some video posted on YouTube about the making of Battlecast Primetime.
  • The third edition of Command School, part of C&C TV, is up, featuring a strategy by our very own Incia.
  • The C&C 3 mod Tiberian Dawn has some pretty substantial updates, including new music.
  • Our own mod, C&C All Stars, has passed most of its internal testing and we hope to have the patch done this weekend. Also, today's the last day to vote for All Stars at Moddb. If you haven't, please do. We appreciate it.