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— Wednesday, December 5, 2007 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:50:40 PM ET

CNCNZ Roundtable Discussion

The third CNCNZ Roundtable Discussion is now up at CNCNZ.com. Topics on the agenda this time include subfactions and actors in Kane's Wrath, thoughts on some possible C&C FPS footage that recently emerged on an artist's website, BattleCast Primetime, and C&C 3 modding support.

The panel consists of Sonic and Zee Hypnotist (CNCNZ), Lion (CNC Den), Mastermind (Revora), Koen (TibEd), Mighty BOB! (CNC Source), JohnWE (CNC-Files), and our very own Blbpaws.

Here's a sampling of the discussion:
Question 1) Now that we have found out more details about the sub factions in Kane's Wrath what are your thoughts. Is the sub faction concept the right thing to introduce into the Tiberium Universe?
Sonic: The addition of sub factions added more depth to Zero Hour so I feel they will do the same for Kane's Wrath. The fact that the Steel Talons bring back some much need familiarity with the Titan and Wolverine is good news in my book. People forget sub factions are not a new thing to RTS games. They were done years ago in a similar fashion with Westwood's Emperor: Battle for Dune and they worked well for that game. Kane's Wrath sub factions follow the "Zero Hour system" and it worked well for that game so yes bring on the sub factions for the Tiberium Universe.

Zee Hypnotist: Personally, I think the Sub Faction idea is reasonable, the only thing I don't like is the way they are being represented. The names themselves sound somewhat childish, especially for GDI, considering it is an government funded international military. I support the idea of subfactions themselves, as they seem to bring diversity into the game.


Question 5) At the start of November, EA released version 4.0 of the Mod Software Development Kit for C&C 3. Are EA doing enough to support the modding community, do you think they should be doing more?
Blbpaws: Mod support is decent with the SDK, but not wonderful. The SAGE engine can be very limiting in some respects. As usual, it's up to the modders to do some serious experimenting with and digging through the files to make their projects come to life. On the whole, though, I think C&C 3 offers enough potential for modders, and I look forward to modding it.
Be sure to head to CNCNZ to read the discussion!