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— Wednesday, October 10, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:41:05 PM ET

C&C All Stars Patch 1.1

After a long couple months of work, the C&C: All Stars team has finished a new patch for the mod, version 1.1. While the full change list is very long, here are a few notable changes:
- Numerous balance changes and bug fixes
- Improved Tiberian Coalition and Red Alert Alliance AI
- Some small graphical updates, mostly to rubble models/skins
- New 5 player map: Free For All Stars
- Amphibious units are now able to travel in and out of water on most official maps
- CrosuS support
- Added support for international editions of Zero Hour:
  German, French, Spanish, and Korean
Many of these, particularly the last, will hopefully enhance the All Stars experience for all of you. If you've never heard of All Stars before, I highly recommend you check it out--it's one of the top-ranked Zero Hour mods. Go and download the patch, or the full mod, here!
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