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— Thursday, September 20, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:48:30 PM ET

C&C FPS Rumors Persist

(Thanks PCNC) You'll recall that last year, we reported that there were high-level discussions at EA regarding the creation of a new FPS using EA's Crysis engine. We, and others, speculated that this FPS would likely use C&C intellectual property, because of EA's willingness to develop the franchise and expand their usage of very valuable intellectual property rights. Also, we know that at one point, a sequel to Renegade was planned by Westwood Studios, though the project was canceled about 20% of the way through. It appears such speculation is being borne out. Community member smurfbizkit notes a posting on the EA Jobs website for something that does indeed sound like a C&C: First Person Shooter (you will need to click the posting link twice--for some reason, the first time goes to a generic page, but the second time goes to the actual listing. If EA removes the listing, I will post the full text of it):
Does the idea of contributing your specialized knowledge in sound design to the next generation gaming platform for EAs widely recognized leading Sci Fi franchise get you pumped? EA has an exciting opportunity for a Sound Designer who will work closely with the Audio Director on creating sound effects, dialog and music for a next-generation first person shooter game. You will be instrumental in designing audio elements for a high profile new intellectual property. [...] Responsible for designing and implementing sound effects for C&CX including sound effects design and editing, music integration, field recording, technology development and documentation.
Personally, I have little doubt that EA is talking about doing a C&C FPS, possibly based on C&C 3, and it would not surprise me at all if one was already in development or in planning. First Person Shooters generally sell well, and offering fans to a chance to emerge themselves in the C&C universe on one of the best engines of today is something that would likely sell very well and be successful. I'd note that when the Apoc, the C&C Community Manager, was asked about the possibility of such a game being made at the March C&C 3 summit Generals World attended, he denied all knowledge of it. We'll need to keep our eyes open, but I know what I'm betting on.
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