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— Friday, September 7, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:58:53 PM ET

Updates From EA

Two items of note from EA:
  • First, Apoc's done a podcast with Joe Kucan, the actor who plays Kane in C&C 3. It's fifteen minutes long. Get more info at EA's site.
  • Second, Apoc has an update regarding the C&C 3 tournament ladder:
    Hey everyone,

    Well needless to say, this aspect of launching the C&C 3 League Ladder Season 1 is currently out of my hands and am just awaiting a final legal approval. Here is the skinny...

    We, meaning the C&C team have never been able to do a world-wide contest or tournament officially, most of you guys know when we do contests they are North-American centric because of different country legal restrictions. That is why we work close with our world-wide partners to ensure they do contests as well when they can.

    With the C&C 3 League, our goal is to make it open world-wide in as many top C&C countries as possible, this is quite a legal process. I've been working on it since early Summer and I keep hearing any day now for final approved rules and such.

    So that said, I apologize for insinuating this week was looking optimal, suffice to say, this situation is unexpected and I'll keep pressing hard to get the final rules and approval so we can reset the ladder and launch this amazing season once and for all.

    I will try and update you beginning of next week, lets cross our fingers the final legal rules come in so we can get it going sooner than later this month.

    Thanks again,