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— Wednesday, August 22, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 7:51:14 AM ET

Update from Leipzig

Community Manager Aaron 'APOC' Kaufman sent the following update in from Leipzig, Germany, as he gets ready to show C&C 3: Kane's Wrath at the Leipzig Games Convention.
Hey everyone,

So, you may or may not know but myself, and 4 of our producers and dev team members are here this week in Leipzig, Germany for the big Games Convention. its host to over 180,000 people during the entire show, its pretty insane.

Our primary purpose for being here is to show off Kanes Wrath and word has it that the crazy insane man himself will be here to spread the gospel of Nod and The Brotherhood amongst the thousands of Germans. Its GDI forever for me, you guys know that.

Its unlikely I will be on the boards this week due to my presence here. I will be spending lots of time wih the German community and even filming some cool segments for the next episode of Battlecast Primetime, so you guys can really get a feel for what its like to be here and more so, more info on Kane's Wrath! Our demo here is meant to show off some of the new GDI and Nod units like The Awakened, aka cyborg infantry and GDI Sonic Tanks, aka GDI hovercraft tanks, some cool Tiberian Sun throwbacks for all you TS fans.

Now, with regards to patch 1.07 and the MOD SDK, those are still both on track. Producer Greg Kasavin will be updating you guys on the release once we have it firmed out, but I am hearing late this week is a very strong possibility assuming the apocalypse doesnt happen, we hope. So stay tuned.

I will do my best to get some more updates from Leipzig this week and keep you guys posted on the patch and mod sdk should Greg not beat me to it, he is pretty darn quick. Keep your eyes peeled here. We are right on the cusp of it.
You can read his full post here. We'll bring you more news as the convention gets underway.