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— Saturday, August 18, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 8:20:31 PM ET

EA Bans 60 C&C 3 Cheaters

In a move that definitely deserves accolades, EA has banned 60 cheaters and disconnectors from the C&C 3 online mode. From Community Manager Aaron 'APOC' Kaufman's note:
So, I'll cut to the point here. We've discussed for a while about handing down bans and suspensions against cheaters and vehement disconnectors and also those spamming chat and forums and so forth. We've been keeping tabs on a lot of accounts and finally have a process to take strict action against those we catch.

I'm happy to announce that today we handed down over 60 bans and suspensions on C&C 3 player accounts. All of these accounts have their ladder stats reset, most of these accounts have their sub-accounts banned (which means they can still create a new name but not use one of their original), and a small segment of accounts were completely serial key banned.

We will not tolerate cheaters and disconnectors and we are keeping a very close eye. Between the forum moderators, some great volunteer help at GameReplays.org, and our back-end tools, we have plenty of firepower and evidence to take such action.

In most cases we will issue a warning to the user and reset stats, and if they are warned again, stricter action will be taken such as a sub-account ban and further serial key ban if necessary.

I strongly encourage you NOT to disconnect or cheat, such actions can get your account fully deactivated and a 1st warning will also mean an automatic DQ from our upcoming ladder season.

Its not worth it and we will be taking weekly action as we are starting with what I think is a big message today.

P.S. - I think its fairly obvious to know some of the players who have been warned or banned, but in respect of privacy, I will not post a full list. I can't promise to answer on everyone who is on our list today, but I'll do my best to share a few notables if asked.

Personally, I used to play online for fun, but I stopped because exploits, disconnecting, and cheating were rampant. If positive actions like this continue, I think myself and others will start again. Of course, this is a problem that requires continual and proactive steps, because some people will continue to irrationally cheat.