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— Tuesday, August 7, 2007 —

Posted By: AuroraAlphaHL2 at 7:07:17 PM ET

C&C Battlecast Primetime

Nearly 2 weeks ago, the official Command and Conquer website had an announcement that "C&C 3 will be revolutionized on August 7th". Most have thought that it would be an expansion, or the Modding SDK that was supposed to come out with the 1.07 patch. Instead, it turns out to be a show for Command and Conquer TV called "Battlecast Primetime", which is said to come out August 14th, 1 week from now. The characteristics look similar to something you would find on ESPN, like NFL Primetime, except intended for C&C 3 gamers.

You can watch the teaser trailer here.
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