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— Thursday, July 26, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:03:19 PM ET

News Out of EA

There's been a couple news items out of EA:
  • First, on the official C&C site, there's a big banner stating "On August 7th, C&C will be revolutionized." One assumes, correctly in my opinion, that this is when EA will announce the beginnings of an expansion or a major C&C ladder season, both of which, I am relatively certain, are in the works.
  • Apoc has posted some details on the 1.07 patch. Nothing too surprising, just fixes to some pretty important bugs.
  • Mike Verdu, the Executive Producer of C&C 3, offers what essentially amounts to an apology with regards to the inconsistencies in C&C 3 and the rest of the C&C Canon. While it's good to see that EA realizes it needs to do better, it's rather disappointing to see how many issues there were and how far removed C&C 3 was from the classic storytelling, especially how EA offered much hype prior to the game's release about how they were returning to the roots and spending a lot of time studying the Canon. In any event, as EA should know, words are cheap, but a great game can last a long time. Let's see how they do the next time around (which shouldn't be too long).