C&C Labs News Wire

— Wednesday, July 18, 2007 —

Posted By: Mike at 3:54:53 PM ET


Well, it seems that the All Stars release garnered more attention than we anticipated. Despite the fact that we had 4 of our own mirrors plus FilePlanet, Generals World's server still experienced a sustained bandwidth usage of 15-20 MB downloaded per second for at least 8 hours following the initial release of the mod. According to our web host, we supposedly used over 250 GB of bandwidth in less than 24-hours.

Our website was temporarily disconnected by our host, EasyCGI, at just after 3:00 PM eastern time on Tuesday.  Access was restored today around 6:30 PM ET.

Unfortunately, you can no longer download All Stars from us directly - at least for now.  Our mirrors are still online however, and you should be able to get good download speeds from them.

All in all, I apologize for the downtime.  We haven't had much of it in our 4 years as a fansite, and I'm going to work to keep it that way in the future.