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— Tuesday, July 17, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:48:20 AM ET

Command and Conquer: All Stars Released

By my count, it has been 4,338 days since the little known company of Westwood Studios unveiled what is in my humble opinion the beginning of the best video game series of all time: Command and Conquer. It is my distinct pleasure and honor to unveil today something which I hope dearly will be a tribute to the many wonderful hours we have all spent playing Command and Conquer, in its various forms, over the years. Command and Conquer: All Stars was conceived as a celebration and combination of, quite literally, simply the best of Command and Conquer. Using Command & Conquer's somewhat fragmented timelines, All Stars aims to recreate for the veteran player some of the great moments from classic C&C, and to awaken in the newer player a desire to see what he or she might otherwise not: the greatest units, structures, and gameplay ideas from the past dozen years. Command and Conquer: All Stars is a case study in perseverance, patience, and passion. Each of the more than 25 people who worked on All Stars over the course of its more than three years in development worked solely as a volunteer, fueled by their love of Command and Conquer and their love of creating a testament to its great history. Combined, the team has spent thousands of hours on the project, writing code, perfecting art, and "testing" the mod -- though oftentimes I, for one, was having too much fun playing to actually test. The team, through much hard work turned my first scribblings, dating from February 22nd, 2004, into a mod I have spent many hours enjoying:

I think from these images you can appreciate the tremendous work the entire team has done in turning my scrawled notes into something playable and fun. The team is very pleased with the final result, and we hope you enjoy it and find that it fulfills its goal of serving as a tribute to C&C. Perhaps I realized we had truly succeeded when the esteemed Lion of CNC Den, who has seen quite a bit of C&C history, told me that he "loved it" when I gave him an advance copy of the mod. But I will be truly satisfied if you all love it, so be sure to tell us what you think at our forums. I am quite sure that now, however, you all think I have gone on too long, and so I have. So, since a creative mod can reawaken more than a decade of memories, the All Stars team proudly points you to our downloads page, and presents you with Command and Conquer: All Stars.
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