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— Tuesday, July 3, 2007 —

Posted By: Mike at 3:33:32 PM ET

Patch 1.06, Mod SDK Update

Here's the latest from C&C community manager Aaron "APOC" Kaufman, posted in this thread on the Official Forums.
- Patch 1.06 is not releasing this week but is looking good for soon after. The patch is locked, no more changes, and we're just hammering out one more bug fix in it. We will also fast track this patch through our normal approval process given that it is much smaller in size and high in importance. The reason for no release this week is largely due to the shortened work week from the 4th of July USA holiday tomorrow. Some of us, myself included will be working Thursday/Friday, but numerous key resources we need for a patch release will be in and out of office. I will not commit to an exact release date/time until I have as close to 100% confidence as possible

- Patch 1.06 will fix the invincibility exploit, the Nod Cloaking Field power money bug, and add extensive code to helping us track disconnector frequency so we can appropriately suspend and ban player accounts for disconnecting frequently. The patch also addresses a few other minor issues that are likely unnoticeable to you, the user.

- On the cheating front, we are actively pursuing those caught using cheating programs and are sending out warning messages. If the warning is not complied with, then a second offense will warrant a permanent account ban.

- The MOD SDK will be released with Patch 1.07, a patch which is already in the works. We have to make code changes to the game to make it compatible with the MOD SDK and thus a patch is needed. This is why the MOD SDK has not been released yet. We did not do this for Patch 1.06 because the MOD SDK is still getting a few last touches to it. Our goal is to release patch 1.07 in a less than usual time. We know this is critical because the MOD SDK's functionality depends on it and the community is desperately desiring the MOD SDK. This is our next highest priority after 1.06. I will keep you posted on a release time frame, we do not want this to take longer than necessary which is why we are already working on 1.07 and the MOD SDK itself is nearly complete.

- The Ladder Reset did not occur with patch 1.05 largely impart due to this latest invincibility exploit and not having the proper disconnect frequency code included in time. Our aim right now is to reset shortly after patch 1.06 deploys and get our summer ladder season kicked off officially. I am currently working on a 1st season plan which i've been doing a lot of research on, and especially how various other RTS games have handled seasonal ladder play (there are only a few who have). We know a ladder reset is critical and imminent and I can assure you that it is also amongst our highest priorities right now. We want to make sure the ladder reset is done right and done with our summer ladder season heading in to motion.
Looks like 1.06 may be coming to us next week sometime - certainly good news given the prevalence of the aforementioned invulnerability exploit in online matches.