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— Tuesday, July 3, 2007 —

Posted By: Mike at 4:14:06 AM ET

New Generals World Poll

I've created a new Generals World poll, asking What are you most anxiously awaiting from EA? Be sure to vote on the right side of the page!

And as always, here are the results from our last poll:

Now that we've seen C&C 3 patched, what's your assessment of the game?
Superb...a legit continuation of the C&C tradition
It's fun, but it's not a true C&C
It had potential, but there have been too many issues with it
All in all, a poor showing by EA; it's hopeless
Total Votes: 149
A lot of you seem satisfied with the game, but there's a disturbingly large portion of our visitors who deem C&C 3 "hopeless." How can EA do better?