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— Thursday, June 7, 2007 —

Posted By: Mike at 8:16:57 AM ET

Patch 1.05 Going Live Today

EA Community Manager Aaron "APOC" Kaufman has posted the following update in the Official C&C Forums, indicating that Patch 1.05 for C&C 3 will be going live today.
Hey guys,

We've been approved by all the right people, agencies, aliens, organizations, you name it, we're approved, patch 1.05 is good to go and will be deploying live tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled, we'll keep you posted once its officially on all the servers.

I'll have more info once the patch is live on everything else including the ladder reset and what that will mean.

Please note, it is likely the ladder will not reset until Friday, but we'll be sure to let you know what to expect.

Thanks again for your undying patience, believe us, its extremely appreciated and we have some great plans going forward for future patches, the MOD SDK, ladder seasons, tournaments, etc.

This is a new beginning for Command & Conquer 3 no matter how you slice and dice it. The patch should really enhance a lot of balance, technical, and aesthetic aspects of the game.

And don't forget the 4 new multiplayer maps and alternate mouse setup!

Can you say left-click move? How about proper refinery selling prices? Goodbye buzzer-bombs and engineer exploit. Goodbye spider-basing. Hello much needed bug fixes and balance improvements.

It's a whole new world, folks.