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— Tuesday, May 1, 2007 —

Posted By: Mike at 8:03:49 AM ET

Map Manager for C&C 3

C&C 3 Map ManagerGenerals World is proud to announce the release of the C&C 3 Map Manager. Map Manager allows you to manage the custom C&C 3 fan maps you have installed for Tiberium Wars. C&C 3 Map Manager streamlines the process of installing custom maps: now you can install maps from fansites without having to delve into your computer's folders to find just the right place to put them. Just select the downloaded map's .zip file, and Map Manager installs the map for you.

Map Manager also provides detailed information about the maps that you already have installed. A mini-map view lists each map with its mini-map image, so that you can easily identify maps visually. A details view shows your maps in a list format along with information about the maximum number of players for each map, each map's dimensions, and whether or not the map is an official map released by EA.

Downloaded a map you don't like? With one strike of the delete key, Map Manager will remove unwanted maps from your system.

For more information about C&C 3 Map Manager, including screenshots of the program, click here.

» Download C&C 3 Map Manager (0.5 MB)
» Download C&C 3 Map Manager w/ .NET Framework 2.0 (26.8 MB)

Map Manager requires the Microsoft.NET Framework v2.0, freely available from Microsoft.

  • Two Views: Details View & Mini-Map View
  • Imports maps from .zip files and folders
  • Deletes unwanted maps
  • Displays details about maps that are installed
  • Open maps directly for editing in Worldbuilder
  • Show map's on-disk location in Windows Explorer
  • Windows Vista compatible
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