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— Wednesday, April 18, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 1:11:08 PM ET

Apoc Speaks

Community Manager Apoc passed along the following today:
Hey everyone,

My apologies in my absence the past few days, wanted to experience the relaxation of a weekend for a change, it's been a long while.

That said, Worldbuilder is currently in CQC which means, the final phase of approval. It is possible we will release it this week on our official site, so stay tuned. I think the worst case scenario is an early release next week, but I also feel some good vibes for this week. So, fingers crossed, I know you are all excited for it!

And how about those stats? EA Smudge will have a more formal update, but as of right now, we are seeing almost all stats being reported accurately and timely. The stat-less threads have dissappeared significantly, so unless we are mistaken, it looks like we should be on a good path right now. Let us know if not otherwise.

Part 1 of the official C& C podcast will debut on Thursday with the C&C April newsletter, lots to look forward to!

XBOX 360 is coming!!! Did you get the new theme's today on XBOX Live?
The demo for the C&C 360 version is due out tomorrow.