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— Friday, April 6, 2007 —

Posted By: Mike at 9:20:58 AM ET

Rescue Mission for APOC Begins

This just in from EALA Predator:
Hey everyone,

This is not a false alarm, this is not a pre-emptive warning, this is the real deal. We are going in to save APOC now, and when I mean now, I mean tonight! I have crafted a covert-ops team of some of the best GDI has to offer, we have a lead on APOC's location and we are going in to save him!

I cannot disclose the details of this Operation, but all YOU need to know is that there is an extremely capable team of GDI operatives on this mission and we will NOT fail.

It's time to bring APOC home once and for all, and god willing, we will do whatever it takes to bring him out alive and back to this community.

I cannot stress enough that in my absence our development team will be managing the message boards and lobbies as usual, tracking issues, and replying as always. If all goes well, we should be back for dinner by this weekend, and your loyal faithful community manager, APOC, will be back next week, or earlier depending on how fast he recovers.

We do not know what state he is in, but we are certain he is alive based on his last communication in the podcast interception. We have to take a chance on this!

Once again, my absence should not affect everything going on in the C&C 3 world; I have a dedicated and better than capable development team behind me to take the helm while I am gone.

It's time to bring APOC home.

Keep your eyes peeled on our official website through the weekend and on the message boards, we hope to have periodic updates for you and a quick successful mission.

Operation Rescue APOC begins now!

Always an honor serving you,
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