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— Thursday, April 5, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 1:15:11 PM ET

Word on the Next Patch

Community Manager Aaron Kaufman passed along the following info:
Alright, an update here from the battle-lines.

Battlecast Archive matches are back up and working! We corrected an error on the back-end, so now all of your archive matches are available to click and boot up, start checking out all the hot matches!

Stat Update - So we are fully aware of the stats and ranking issue and are working hard to address it. Stats are not getting updated quickly enough. Do not worry, will resolve this. Right now is more or less practice time. We have not initiated ladder tournaments or seasons or prizes and will not do so until we are comfortable with everything. We are close, but do not worry.

We are also very close to releasing patch 1.04, what we hope to be the last of our emergency patches until we release the first major bug/balance patch (also heavily in the works).

Patch 1.04 is going to help address the audio-video sync error, further crashes within the lobbies, desyncs related to watching Battlecast matches, and localizing the online multiplayer lobbies.

Please note - the stats issue is not a patch issue, that can be fixed without a patch.

This should help clear up any confused and update you guys on the current situation, thanks!
Good to see that they are making some progress.