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— Tuesday, March 13, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:20:06 AM ET

C&C 360 'Hands On' Preview

Gamespot apparently got a chance to sit down with the Xbox 360 version of C&C 3 recently, and they've released a nice little preview of the game based on that session:
Besides the control scheme, the 360 game will feature exclusive multiplayer modes, as well as support for the Xbox Live Vision camera. We had the chance to check out the modes and the camera functionality and were impressed by how they're coming together. The game features four multiplayer modes: siege, capture the flag, capture and hold, and king of the hill. Siege seems like it's going to be a recipe for the fun kind of multiplayer disaster. A five-minute energy wall will be erected between you and your enemies, preventing anyone from attacking. In that time you'll have to build like the wind in order to prepare for the inevitable onslaught from your foes. Capture the flag is pretty straightforward and challenges you to find a hidden flag on the map and get it back to your base. Once collected and dropped off, the flag respawns and the process repeats until you meet a set amount of points. King of the hill requires players to hold one point in the middle of the map for the longest time. Capture and hold is a team-based variation on that theme and requires a team to hold five points on a map for the longest period of time. The games will play out on one of 20 included multiplayer maps, with more likely to come via downloadable content on Xbox Live Marketplace.
You can read the rest here.
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