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— Saturday, March 10, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 11:18:04 AM ET

Community Roundup

Here we go:
  • Some have been having trouble with the video/audio synchronization in C&C 3. Community Manager Predator has posted a temporary fix on the C&C 3 Official Forums.
  • Also on the official C&C 3 site is an article spotlighting the making of the Scrin's Annilihator Tripod in C&C 3 from an art perspective. It discusses everything from concept art, to modeling and texturing, to animation. It's definitely a nice piece for those of you looking for a behind the scenes look at the art of the game.
  • dAt Project Perfect Mod, Banshee has released a version of his Open Source BIG editor that lets you look through the C&C 3 files from the demo. A future version will let you add and edit them, but the current version is good for modders just trying to get a feel for things under the C&C 3 hood.
  • Our affiliate GameReplays has created a new replays' section for C&C 3. It also explains how to get the replays working for the demo, for those of you interested in getting better immediately.
  • Legion Hardware has an article examining hardware performance for the C&C 3 demo. They intend on updating it once the full game ships.
  • Expect a further report from our webmaster Mike today or tomorrow about the C&C 3 community summit, which he attended.
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