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— Tuesday, March 6, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:40:40 PM ET

Word From Predator

Community Manager Predator is running the Community Summit in LA now (we have a representative there--expect a full report this week), but he had time to pass along the following:
Hey everyone,

Well, its been a hectic weekend getting ready for our second Community Summit which I am currently hosting here at the studio. I've been swamped in running this event which is going fantastic, that is the primary reason I have not been online at all through the weekend or yesterday. I'll be back as usual on Wednesday to get to everyones concerns and questions, but some important things while I have a moment to spare:

-the demo bug regarding the unit spamming, this is a bug wich is FIXED in the retail version of the game. Its actually quite funny what you guy have been able to amass, we get a kick out of the YouTube videos, I mean who doesn't like seeing 50 carry- alls on the screen! But I did want to clarify, this bug is fixed...as are many others which you have been reporting. Specific AI bugs associated with beating the Brutal AI quickly, if not completely fixed for the retail client, it will be in our first patch which will be out VERY soon after the game release, more on that when we get closer.

-the demo bug threads with crashes reported and other specifics, this is great data, please remember to post your system specs if you get a crash. A lot of you may not be meeting the minimum requirements with your graphic card or memory, so before we determine if its a new bug, post your specs so we can rule out your computer if neccessary! Other than that, please keep the threads going, we're listening and i'll be pro-actively taking the top issues later this week once everything settles down.

-the website will be getting some fresh content before the end of the week, just a general statement :o)

-there is a newsletter and podcast coming within the next two weeks

And lastly, I do want to say that a lot of your critiques about the demo are things we are seriously listening to, and while its still extremely early, we fully respect some of the more popular concerns. Moving the radar back to the command post however is not something we would likely do. Thats a massive game change and we wouldn't make such a change right now only from the demo. With regards to alternate mouse setup, yes for the millionth time we're stronglu considering it for the first patch, i'll keep you posted. Walls...walls are not 100% lost in C&C 3 but we've explained and will explain further in the next podcast why they are not there. That said, its not something we couldn't add back in through a patch, but we need to see lots of gameplay first before enacting such a move. So, just lettig you know, its not technically impossible, but for right now, it would not be wise until there was TONS and TONS of more gameplay.

Alright, we're putting the final last touch on the game, so its been quite crazy, bear with us

Many thanks,