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— Monday, February 26, 2007 —

Posted By: Mike at 8:19:59 AM ET

C&C 3 Demo, Website Relaunch Today

This hefty message was sent in from EA Community Manager Predator last night:


As I mentioned last week, we are re-launching our message boards with a completely new skin to match our new site, as well as some new functionality to support Command & Conquer 3. The most important aspect of this re-launch of the forums is that once the new boards go live tomorrow, everyone in the community will be able to create their Multiplayer Online Nickname that they plan to use when playing Command & Conquer 3. This is because the name you use on our official message boards is the same exact name that you will use as your online handle when logging in to the Multiplayer lobby to play Command & Conquer 3. What this means is the following:

  • Everyone on our current message boards who has 50 or more posts will have their current message board name automatically brought over to the new message boards as soon as they go live. This also means that your multiplayer name for Command & Conquer 3 has already been automatically reserved if you had 50 or more posts on our current message boards. Again, your message board name is the same name you will use online to login and play the game. If you did not want this name to be your official multiplayer name for Command & Conquer 3, please send an e-mail to rtscommunityleaders@ea.com with the name you'd like to use. We felt that those who have been dedicated to our community and forums in the past year should have the privilege of having their current names automatically reserved.
  • If you did not have 50 or more posts or did not reserve your name with me, then when you go to our new forums tomorrow, if you are logged in to your EA.com account, you will be automatically prompted to create a new screen name. Please note again, this screen name you create is going to be your online nick-name for the actual game and it is also your official name on the Command & Conquer forums.
For all users whose name is being automatically brought over, we anticipate there may be some temporary errors with your posting-count history. Do not worry, if this occurs, will be fixing it as soon as possible. We will also try to answer all the questions for anyone who is confused on the message boards.

Our goal in all of this was to keep a cohesive and consistent atmosphere between the game and your online experience on our website, primarily because our new "RTS AS A SPORT" feature is very dependent on our official site, in terms of tracking your stats, managing and scheduling your matches, and a whole list of amazing features that you will learn about soon. In a nutshell, it will be awesome to know that you can talk on the forums, check your stats on our website, AND play multiplayer in Command & Conquer 3, all while using the same exact nick-name.

I will be posting a sticky message on the boards tonight to make sure everyone understands. Please let your community know that when the new forums go live tomorrow, you will be able to start reserving your online nick-name for Command & Conquer 3! Don't be left out! 


Tomorrow [Monday] we will also be re-launching our official site at www.commandandconquer.com to something much more robust and quite cool I might add. It's going to be a very different Command & Conquer site than you are used to seeing. One thing to note about the official site relaunch is that this is our Phase 1 pre-release launch. You'll notice a lot of the same sections are still on the site and even some added ones, like the Community section. I'll be adding more links and banners to this section, so not to worry. Drop me a line if you are not on the list, I'm just starting to populate it, it's a work in progress.

When the game launches on March 26th, we will be moving to the Phase 2 re-launch of our official site and adding in all of the multiplayer "RTS AS A SPORT" functionality which you've heard about and will hear quite a bit more about in the coming days and weeks leading to launch. Our official site is going to become your haven for all the latest official happenings on Command & Conquer 3 and it will also be where you schedule and track your multiplayer matches, stats, the list goes on. But this is more of a just a heads up that when the game launches the site will be expanding even further!


I'll leave you with this, the official demo for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars, that you've waited many years for, the gripping feeling knowing that C&C is back, Kane is back, Tiberium is back, ok, well lets say it right now:

C&C is officially back as the demo for Command & Conquer 3 will be going live on our official site at www.commandandconquer.com, as well as FilePlanet.com whom we know many of you have already pre-loaded with. Keep your eyes peeled on both sites for the moment the file is live, [today] is the day!
Got all that? Feel free to join us in the forums to discuss the demo once you have it.