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— Thursday, January 25, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:05:57 PM ET

PCNC C&C 3 Article

Hexetic from PlanetCNC has written an excellent summary of the December community summit. It's a good overview of a lot of the features in C&C 3, if a bit rambling at times. I highly recommend reading it. Here's a small snippet:
You have to admit that EA has a tough audience to please with C&C3 - there's the classic C&C, with its gameplay revolving around small numbers of units outmaneuvering defenses to dive for the Con Yard. There's Red Alert and Red Alert 2, with their masses and masses of tanks thrown head-first at powerful defenses. There's Tiberian Sun, with its slower pace, weaker superweapons, and smaller army sizes. Then there's Generals, with on the one hand its tiny infantry-in-vehicle rushes and on the other hand its large tank battles - not to mention its powerful aircraft.
Further reading is recommended.