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— Tuesday, January 2, 2007 —

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New C&C 3 Info in PC Games

(Thanks CNCNZ) The most recent issue of the German magazine PC Games has quite a bit of new info on C&C 3. First, there is a video (249MB) showing a battle between Nod and GDI, and a preview of a GDI mission against the third faction. Second, the article itself contains a wealth of new, though somewhat subjective, information. Here's a summary:
- Aliens waited intentionally before invading. They waited for "the signal". They thought that signal was the destruction of the Philadelphia, and thus, they started by invading the red zones.
- C&C3 plays just like any true C&C game, you get the C&C feeling already when you build a refinery.
- The UI is similar to World Of Warcraft's. (In a sense it is accessible, easy-to-use and efficient)
- There will be absolutely no in game ads, except the so-called "spectator client" which might show some ads in a small ticker.
- Every faction has a special infantry unit. GDI has the Commando, Nod has a female soldier and the Aliens have "The Mastermind".
- EMP weaponry is back.
- The actors in C&C3 make the universe and the story believable, you'll grow to love their characters and either agree with their decisions or not, just like with any human in real-life. These developed characters make the story of Command & Conquer 3 go forward.
- The Forgotten are back and available due special buildings, the mutant hovels. Just like a tech building.
- Nod players have to do more micromanagement than GDI players.
- The mystery around Kane will grow quite a bit, until the player eventually makes the ultimate decision.
- The campaigns are parallel instead of linear.
- Three campaigns with a total of about 40 missions will each tell the story from a different angle. Each campaign leads to a different ending.
- The Alien faction is referred to as "The Scrin" in the article. Wether it is their real name or not still remains a mystery. In the videos, the word "Scrin" isn't mentioned once.
- There will be a GDI mission against the Aliens that is set in Cologne. This mission has very dark setting.
- Shader 3.0 is used for the graphics.
- The Alien buildings cause a "Matrix-like warp" when they are hit.
- Arrows will indicate mission objectives.
- Part of the Aliens' arsenal is composed of Gun Walkers, Buzzers, Shock Troopers, Annihilator Tripods, Gunships, Corruptors, The Mastermind, Devourer Tanks and the Alien Mothership
- The veteran system is the same as in BFME2.
- Minimum PC specs are 1.8 GHz, 512MB RAM and a GeForce 3 64mb video card.
- Very fast loading times (less than 10 seconds)
- Burrowing will be limited to one single special ability, but because of the in-game balance there are no subterranean units like in Tiberian Sun.
- The Scrin Mothership is a giant super weapon, which can destroy entire bases in no time.
- C&C3 music will have new music, but there will also be a few old C&C tunes from Frank Klepacki. (It isn't mentioned if they are remixes of the old tracks or simply THE old tracks)
- The Alien faction plays a bit like Nod in a sense that you have to be "creative" when using their special abilities
- The Aliens have some very powerful late-game units (Annihilator Tripod), and some early-game mass cannon-fodder units (Razor Drones)
- Air units of the Aliens include plasma-equipped Devastator battleships, transports that can carry lots of units (ala Supreme Commander) and a (super-weapon) mothership.
(my emphasis) Lots of new information in there.
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