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— Monday, December 18, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 12:45:23 PM ET

C&C 3 Preorder Info

Predator posted the following regarding preorders for C&C 3:
Alright, I am creating this thread to answer all your questions about the pre-order, hopefully with one single post right here, so read this all clearly!

Click this link to view the pre-order at one of our retailers, Gamestop:

YOU CAN PRE-ORDER C&C 3 NOW, but please make sure this is understood:

* The C&C 3 Pre-Order campaign will be rolling out to different in-store retailers and international territories over time starting later this month and next. The campaign hasn’t officially started but you can start pre-ordering online at select retailers right now! Please note that if you pre-order online, you will not get the Bonus-DVD/packaging until the game ships in March.

* The C&C 3 Pre-Order Bonus DVD is ONLY available at Fry’s Electronics right now, but will be wider at other retailers such as Gamestop and EB Games starting December 26th, and then other retailers in January. Apparently some Nod Black-hand soldiers used various stealth tactics to get the boxes on the shelf early at Fry’ s, so if you live by Fry’s, you can go pre-order and pick it up right now.

* Note that if you pre-order online you will not get the bonus DVD and pack until C&C 3 ships in March. If you pre-order in store for a retailer such as Gamestop or EB Games that will start carrying the pre- order bonus on Dec 26th, then they should give it to you right there in store. Other major retailers will be carrying it in store starting in January, I’ll let you know who.

* IMPORTANT - if you have already pre-order C&C 3 at a retailer such as Gamestop or EB Games, then starting Dec 26th, you should be able to GO BACK to the store and collect your pre-order Bonus DVD.

* INTERNATIONAL - so, if you live outside the United States or Canada, then the pre-order bonus DVD may, or may not be available, it depends which country you are in. Our international marketing team will be rolling out the pre-order campaign to select international territories, however, this is still TBD and will not happen until at least January. I will keep you posted.

We’ve got a huge goal we are looking to hit with our pre-order campaign, so C&C 3 fans rally and start pre-ordering! This is an awesome bonus for you guys! If you intend to buy C&C 3 already, then don't wait, GET THE PRE-ORDER. Did I mentioned they are numbered as well?! Once they are gone, they are gone forever. Don't worry, we have plenty, but you need to get out and get it.

Lastly, we are creating a "Kane Special Edition" that is a "Collector Edition", this will be officially announced soon, but I wanted to clarify, the box art on the pre-order of Kane and his Nod ring is the pre-order and Kane edition pack-art.

IT IS NOT the official packaging for C&C 3, the standard edition. That has yet to be shown.

Hope that helps answer questions for everyone, if you have more, post here and I will try to get to them all.

So that clears up some questions that have been heard.